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    Our Human Resources Policy

    Employing the most suitable individuals without any discrimination of religion, language, race, gender or disability, enhancing personnel satisfaction, increasing commitment to the company and efficiency, ensuring involvement in decision-making by creating an environment that allows for self-improvement.

    Social Benefits

    Our working hours are between 09:00-18:00 and limited with weekdays. The benefits provided by out company include meals, commuting allowance and private healthcare insurance. Gama Intermodal is with its employees on their special days. Birthdays are celebrated collaboratively at the office, and our employees who get married and have child are supported due to their needs. Gama Intermodal organizes various social activities with its personnel such as bowling, theater, picnic and Bosphorus tour. Furthermore, the company employees have formed a music band.

    Salary and Performance Management Systems

    Work and performance-based salary system is implemented in our company.

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