Intermodal Transportation

Our expert staff combines their qualifications so as to generate low-cost, time-efficient solutions with the highest benefit in the area of Intermodal Transportation, which is the main purpose of our establishment in the first place.

We bring flexible solutions to your varying needs by virtue of our branches established in the key centers of world trade.

  • Aircraft + TIR: Speed and Cost Advantage in Time-priority Shipments

Through the combination of Aircraft and TIR transportation, this service offers the advantage of speed and cost for territories with inadequate air services or high-cost territories in respect to regular and sizeable shipments.

  • Aircraft + Vessel: If You Also Need Time in Cost-priority Shipments

This service takes your goods dispatched on vessels particularly from Far-East destinations and after transit operations, it combines with direct aircraft services for reduced costs and time-saving.

  • Train + Truck: For Minimized Costs and a Safe Route

This service combines the lowest-cost transportation option – railroad transportation with highway transportation for safe route and cost advantage.

Intermodal Transportation intermodal2

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