Our Services

There is always a better solution.


As an IATA Agency, Gama Intermodal delivers worldwide air cargo services in a professional approach. Gama Intermodal has its own branched in the prominent centers of the world as well as a wide network of agencies that have been strategically pinpointed in several locations.


Gama Intermodal, being a holder of R2 and C2 Certificates of Authorization, delivers Project Transportation and Transit Operation services to Middle East, Europe and Central Asia as its area of specialty in highway transportation.


We offer maritime transportation services as the most reasonable financial solutions to you by virtue of our contracts with distinguished ship owners and wide network of agencies.


We offer time critical delivery with light truck and panel van type express vehicles in our fleet. Furthermore, you can contact us 7-24 for Air Charter or On-Board Courier services.


You can count on us to solve your problems in circumstances such as relocation of your factory and the mobilization process of your construction site. When your production has come to a standstill, regardless of whether you need heavy-tonnage equipment or your only need is a spare part which weights a few kilograms, our project team is ready to offer you numerous solutions.


Our expert staff combines their qualifications so as to generate low-cost, time-efficient solutions with the highest benefit in the area of Intermodal Transportation, which is the main purpose of our establishment in the first place.


We have come to realize years ago that certain destinations are more of an advantageous transfer point. By virtue of this experience, we perform your Transit Operations without requesting any burdensome tasks from you so as to offer you advantage in Turkey and several other transshipment centers. We can deliver your products to any destination you request, regardless of the country of supply.


We stock your goods on your behalf in our storehouses in Turkey, Iraq and Germany, and we deliver to your branches or your clients right on time.