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Respect for Human

For Gama Intermodal, respect for its personnel, customers, business partners and all segments of the society is a priority. It has adopted an equal approach to its personnel regardless of their race, belief, political opinion, personal thoughts, gender, life choices and offers them equal opportunities.


Gama Intermodal acts with trust and fairness towards its personnel, customers, business partners and all segments of the society. Therefore, it pays particular attention to approach anyone equally and to create equal opportunities.


Gama Intermodal does not disclose any personal or institutional information obtained during the course of its activities with third parties without prior approval. It attaches top level importance to information safety and protects data in the best manner.


Gama Intermodal has adopted the principle of an open and collaborative business with its customers in its activities based on transparency. It grants access to accurate and clear information to anyone without discrimination to the extent that confidentiality principles allow.


Gama Intermodal personnel assumes responsibility individually or as a team for their activities and behaviors to third persons. We take responsibility for our work.

Customer Orientation

The priority of Gama Intermodal is “its customers”. One of its main principles is to be a reliable solution partner that offers efficient solutions for all of its services and changing customer needs.

Staff Satisfaction & Team Spirit

Gama Intermodal is an expert in its area that allows its personnel to take initiatives and gives particular importance to evolving, developing and institutionalization. The reason for this is that Gama Intermodal believes it is a family with its colleagues rather than a company. It acts with goodwill, respect and endearment in all of its relationships with its personnel.

Innovation & Perfectionism

Gama Intermodal follows all national and international innovations in the logistics sector and supports new ideas and initiatives. It includes all innovative practices aiming at improvement of business processes into its activities and implements them. Its main principle is to offer perfect business solutions by aiming for top-notch quality and perfectionism in all business processes, and to work to this end.

Environmental Awareness

Gama Intermodal accepts protection of nature and environment as one of its most fundamental and vital duties. It endeavors for improvement of life in our country and environment, and contributing to this end.

"There is always a better solution."